Rivalry Unveils Casino.exe, an Interactive Gaming Platform

The sports betting, media and technology company, Rivalry Corp, announced the launch of a new interactive casino platform. On Wednesday, the company unveiled the launch of its proprietary interactive platform called Casino.exe.

Rivalry Launches New Interactive Gaming Platform

The unique platform initially offers a handful of games such as Bomb Squad, Penalty Shootout, Courier Sweeper and Wheel of Time. In addition, Rivalry explained that Casino.exe features popular titles such as Rushlane and Aviator. Rivalry’s new platform is presented as a virtual space where the customers can power a vintage PC. The platform seeks to engage with consumers by offering a retro-like operating system featuring a computer desktop that offers a functioning MP3 player. What’s more, the users can personalize the system and change the wallpaper. The games are presented as traditional icons which online users can click and play.

The interactive online platform complements Rivalry’s ongoing expansion into iGaming. Additionally, the company explained that Casino.exe will “house current and future games on the website.” At the same time, the new platform creates new and engaging experiences for online customers.

The recent announcement comes on the heels of the release of Rivalry’s first-ever casino game. Back in July this year, the company soft-launched its first casino game called Aviator. The title brought groundbreaking success for the company considering that it gener riches777 ated more than 10% of its revenue for the third quarter without the company spending any money on marketing since its launch.

The Company Enjoys the Attention of Young Gamblers

David King, Rivalry’s senior manager of product design, revealed that a key to the company’s success is getting the attention of young adults at an average age of 25. Focusing on the new solution, he added: “Casino.exe completely redefines the traditional casino experience and puts a thoughtful and entertaining spin on it using a visual expression that our community has a shared reverence for.”

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“The launch of Casino.exe will allow us to further diversify our offering in a way that stays true to our brand and separates our product from others.“

Steven Salz, CEO and co-founder of Rivalry

According to Steven Salz, Rivalry’s co-founder and CEO, the company leverages technology and capabilities that help deliver unique betting experiences for the younger audiences that seek interactive entertainment. He added that with the launch of Casino.exe, the company expands its offering further. Finally, Salz said: “As we scale thoughtfully into the casino segment, we’ll reduce the impact of seasonality in esports, increase customer value, and offer more stable margin profiles.”