Mohegan Inspire in Incheon to Open Inspire Casino on February 3

Mohegan, the leading gaming and entertainment operator, announced that its Inspire Casino at Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort in Incheon, South Korea, will open its doors for visitors on Saturday, February 3, 2024, at 8:08 AM. The massive casino resort is located adjacent to the Incheon International Airport and is expected to be one of the biggest resorts in Northeast Asia once it rolls out all of its amenities.

Previously, the entertainment resort commenced its operations on November 30, 2023, and started accepting hotel guests. Additionally, Inspire Entertainment Resort opened a number of restaurants along with Inspire Arena, a premium entertainment venue that offers unique experiences. As a part of a planned phased approach, now, the resort will open its casino floor as well.

A statement released by Inspire Entertainment Resort reveals that the visitors of Inspire Casino will be able to enjoy some 390 slot machines, as well as more than 150 gaming tables. The casino floor, promising unique experiences thanks to the latest and most popular games, is spread across two levels. Inspire Casino will also offer electronic table games with some 160 seats.

The Resort Looks Forward to Welcoming New and Return Guests

Chen Xi, the president of Mohegan Inspire, revealed that the company is excited to open the doors for its foreigner-only casino. He explained that this process follows approval from the gambling regulator in the country. Moreover, Xi spoke about the extensive efforts of the entertainment resort over the last seven years.

“Since the soft opening, we have seen many domestic and international visitors enjoying the thrill of an unforgettable performance at Inspire Arena, a fantastic digital show in the Northern Lights, and the tranquil relaxation of a fi jili777 ve-star hotel.“

Chen Xi, president of Mohegan Inspire

Mohegan Inspire’s president spoke about the growing number of guests who have already experienced the thrill at Inspire Arena. He added that the resort remains dedicated to offering unique experiences to its visitors thanks to casino amenities, as well as exciting events.

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The strategic location of Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort allows an influx of visitors from across Asia. Since the resort is next to Incheon International Airport, it provides a convenient option for guests from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo and Osaka, among other locations that are a short four-hour flight away.