Evoplay “Goblin Run” Challenges You to Escape a Fire-Breathing Dragon

Game developer Evoplay has released its latest slot installment, Goblin Run, which brings you the company’s authentic gameplay and artwork signature style along with a fresh theme to explore. The game features a crash mechanic and is listed under the instant game format. In Goblin Run, you scurry around as Gnos, a goblin, who has larceny in his heart.

Escape the Fire-Breathing Chaos in “Goblin Run”

The intrepid character sets out to try and steal the proverbial dragon treasure but guess what – the dragon is in a fighting mood and Gnos will not have it easy. Players will attempt to steer the little goblin safe to the other side and avoid turning him into charcoal!

Once the dragon sniffs out Gnos, though, it is ON. The players will have to navigate Gnos out of the dragon’s lair while collecting all the coins they can while on the run. The goblin will be setting up a variety of traps to slow down the dragon in pursuit and get to safety.

Evoplay has accounted for a lot of customization for its latest game, ensuring that players can change the settings and user interface a bit. All of this comes with excellent 3D graphics that are immersive and quite pleasant to look at. The eye-catching visuals are only there to reinforce the original gameplay experience, though, and you will definitely appreciate that.

Set as a third-person runner title, the game is definitely a step up from the traditional iGaming experience. Besides, Evoplay has made sure that you will find this title mighty entertaining owing to the massive 1000x multiplier potential, which definitely adds to the seductiveness of the instant play game.

Evoplay CEO Ivan Kravchuk was very pleased with the launch riches777 of the game, adding that Goblin Run is an exciting addition to the fantastic portfolio of games the company already features. The easy and quick intuitive gameplay is one of the company’s biggest selling points.

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Fast-Paced and Highly Rewarding Gameplay

“Encompassing a popular crash mechanic, we expect this game to appeal to both gamers and iGamers. With the title offering something which has never been seen before,” Kravchuk added. Goblin Run is also technologically primed to allow for fast load times and make the experience more worthwhile.

Evoplay uses its world-class engine Spinential to ensure that everything from the autospin feature to the game history mobile bar, to the load times, is on point and helps, players, get the best possible experience.