Esports Team Vitality Announces Launch of Operations in India

Team Vitality, the professional esports team, announced the launch of its operations in India. The organization starts to build a local presence and plans to create a competitive branch in the country in 2021. Ultimately, Team Vitality’s goal is to become the best organization in the region.

Team Vitality Enters India’s Gaming Landscape

Europe’s leading esports team, Team Vitality, announced the launch of its operations in India on Friday this week. The launch of the operations will begin from Mumbai as the team partners with some of the biggest content creators in India, including the famous YouTuber Nischay Malhan.

Before the launch, Team Vitality has acknowledged the prospects for a significant presence in India and last month it launched its social media in India. The recent launch of its operations in the country marks the beginning of a new era for Team Vitality as the organization heads on its path to growth and expansion of gaming in the region.

“This is an interesting time to enter India and the arrival of Team Vitality is welcomed with great optimism and excitement,”

commented Randall Fernandez, General Manager, Team Vitality India

In order to establish its presence and connect to fans in India, the esports team will start by building a local presence. Besides partnering with Nischay Malhan, the team has already partnered with Rachit Yadav, Nitin Chougale,and Saloni Kandalgaonkar.

With that in mind, if combined, the YouTube channels of those content creators can reach some 10 million people. Furthermore, the content creators will also engage the fans by launching events, contests, and other content on their social media channels and on Team Vitality India’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Once Team Vitality establishes its presence in the Indian gaming space, the organization plans to create a purely competitive branch in 2021. Furthermore, Team Vitality has the ambition to become the best organization in the region. According to the team’s press release, further details on the competitive expansion will be revealed soon.

Team Vitality launch lodi291 es in India, starting with 4 content creators to establish presence before going competitive in 2021. ?

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— Team Vitality ? (@TeamVitality) December 4, 2020

Team Vitality’s Entry in India Is a Big Milestone

Team Vitality CEO, Nicolas Maurer revealed that the organization constantly strives to build winning teams on the international stage. Furthermore, he deemed the organization’s entry into India as a “big milestone“.

Maurer added that besides building professional teams, Team Vitality’s goal in India is also to become the most aspirational esports brand in the country. In conclusion, he said that the organization is keen to engage with the fans with the help of the content creators “before competing in the biggest local tournaments with our incoming professional teams.“

“Our entry into India is a big milestone for us and part of our endeavor to conquer the world of esports.”

Team Vitality CEO, Nicolas Maurer

Team Vitality is headquartered in Paris, France. Currently, the team has 8 top-performing teams across 9 games and more than 50 athletes from 13 nationalities. Furthermore, by entering the gaming landscape in India, the organization plans to “help the country’s gaming enthusiasts unlock their competitive potential“.

Recently, Team Vitality’s CS:GO roster took the #1 position in HLTV World rankings, establishing itself as the best team in the world. Furthermore, Team Vitality’s League of Legends team was one of the 10 teams from the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) which reached the game’s World Championship in 2018. The organization has also inked multiple key partnerships with mainstream brands such as Red Bull, Adidas, and more.

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