Cosmopolitan Las Vegas to Join MGM Rewards on February 1, 2024

MGM Resorts International has now confirmed that the date of launch of the MGM Rewards loyalty program at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has been set for February 1, 2024. This gives the property a fair time to prepare for the upcoming implementation.

MGM Rewards Finally to Become Part of Cosmopolitan

MGM Rew kagame ards is set to be implemented in the wake of MGM’s acquisition of the property back in May 2022. At the time, MGM Resorts International ponied up $1.6 billion for the venue and has been working ever since to introduce its loyalty experience that brings even better synergies between the company’s portfolio of properties.

However, MGM had to iron out a few last details that were shared during a Nevada Gaming Control Board meeting before the implementation of the new technology could be done.  

Pat Madamba, SVP and legal counsel, said that the Cosmopolitan operation system and MGM Rewards had taken a bit to bring together, but that now was all in order and the final integration can be completed in the first quarter of next year, with February 1 confirmed as the date.

This is good news for Cosmopolitan customers who will be able to earn and redeem points across 20 US properties in the United States alone, creating unique synergies between visits to individual venues and the Las Vegas destination.

MGM Resorts CCO Steve Zanella is confident that the Cosmopolitan is “adding a new set of ways for gaming and non-gaming customers to enjoy,” which will further strengthen the loyalty experience at the property. In the meantime, MGM has confirmed that it will be migrating the Identity membership to MGM Rewards, retaining the customers’ benefits and tiers.

MGM Resorts Assures of Smooth Transition

Identity points will carry over to MGM Rewards, and all Identity benefits will be available through January 31, 2024, a day before changing to the new system. Once that happens, customers will start accumulating points for the MGM Rewards system.

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MGM Resorts is also working on a licensing agreement with Marriott International which will lead to the creation of MGM Collection with Marriott Bonvoy which is due to get underway in October.