Bragg Gaming Group expands trademarked Fuze product to sports betting

Betting operators now have access to a whole new range of innovative and “highly configurable” promotions via Bragg Gaming Group’s recently expanded Fuze player engagement and gamification product, offering them another way to enhance customer experience.

Now available on sportsbooks, the British B2B gaming technology provider’s trademarked Fuze toolset, which via its proprietary distribution platform is already accessible to clients of its online casino content, has been extended to include sports betting products. This expansion allows operators to utilize targeted gamified promotions for betting demand that is event-driven, enabling real-time tracking for gamblers.

Utilization Possibilities:

Bragg suggests one possible way the toolset could be utilized by operators, is that those running sports betting promotions could challenge gamblers to bet on the results of all of the soccer matches in a World Cup group stage, awarding prizes to participants who have the most winning bets, all of which would be tracked using Fuze leaderboards.

Highly Configurable:

Fuze sports betting promotions are highly configurable and make a broader range of options available to operators looking to promote specific sporting events, which allow gamblers to compete against each other and boost wagers.

According to Bragg, they will be introducing additional features in the near future, including but not limited to the following:

Predefined individual challenges that award a prize for successful completion.Multiple challenges, each with separate “achievement mechanics” in return for rewards.

Other Possible Uses:

Uses for the technology also include loyalty programs, depending on the jurisdiction, where points accrued for making wagers can later be used by gamblers in a rewards store. These campaigns, according to the provider, are easily set up courtesy of a user-friendly back office, and integration is attainable with all major sportsbook engines.

High Hopes:

“Fuze™ is a technologically perfected, modular and scalable product that allows for an agnostic sportsbook engine integration to service clients of any size,” read a statement from Peter Lavric, Chief Technology Officer for Bragg Gaming Group.

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Bragg’s CTO expressed their “high hopes” for the solution as it lets sports fans enjoy “actively competing with each other, rather than passively following the events they love.”

Lavric explains that their ufa365 engagement tools “take the experience that punters get from sports betting to a whole new level while for operators, Fuze™ significantly helps drive business performance. As an already proven product with our online casino customers, we are certain that Fuze™ will perform as well with sportsbooks as it does with the casino segment and strongly believe that gamification is the future of sportsbooks.”

Proven Results:

Braggs online customers have been able to leverage Fuze since its 2021 launch. And since then, according to data based on previous active promotions, during Fuze campaigns, the number of players, game rounds and online casino bets have tripled.

Fuze Sportsbook:

Fuze recently debuted its sportsbook with the Dutch platform for sports betting & online casino games,, while other operators are expected to follow suit in the “coming weeks and months,” according to Bragg.