BETER Expands CS:GO Matches With New Format

Sports and esports betting provider BETER has launched a new format of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournaments in order to boost viewers’ experience and bettors’ engagement.

Professional Players, Dynamic Events to Attract Spectators and Bettors

Fast sports & esports content provider BETER will now offer Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) matches in a new format, the company has announced. The expanded coverage includes live streaming, live data and odds for 1×1 CS:GO matches of ESportsBattle tournaments.

The number of 1×1 CS:GO events can reach 1,400 every month, while CS:GO matches exceed 100,000 views per month. ESportsBattle is scaling up from 5×5 and 2×2 CS:GO matches previously. The new format covers 1×1 games (Bo3), daily matches from 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. UTC+2, as well as 45 maps per day with 10+ minutes an average duration of a map.

The introduction of 1×1 format will provide players with an ‘unparalleled gaming experience’, while viewers will be able to enjoy ‘captivating and spectacular events’. The company also highlighted that the large number of events with pro-players and the dynamic matches will give operators the opportunity to engage more bettors. Alex Barkar, CEO at BETER said:

“ESportsBattle’s fast CS:GO matches, which are powered by BETER, not only increase spectators’ engagement and enable them to make more bets on dynamic content but also maximise the revenue growth of betting operators.”

ESportsBattle, which covers commercial efootball, ebasketball, eice hockey and CS:GO 24/7 tournaments, among others, is continually expanding its reach, Barkar said. It is constantly testing new game formats for the purpose. Barkar also highlighted the top position of CS:GO among the esports disciplines across the world.

BETER Enters into Agreement with Asia Pro League

BETER is also strengthening its position in the real-world sports scene. Last month, the firm teamed up with Asia Pro League, which operates in Central Asia. Under the agreement, BETER will provide Asia Pro League basketba 291bet ll events with reliable and accurate trading. 

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BETER CEO said that apart from trading solutions, the company will also work on an efficient events schedule, as well as on the tech side of incident and data feed transfer for Asia Pro League.

BETER is also powering Ukraine’s largest platform for table tennis development, the Setka Cup. The Ukrainian table tennis organizer has recently entered the European Union with the opening of a new location in Prague, Czech Republic. Setka Cup holds more than 7,100 matches every month.