Abios Expands Data Coverage for Rainbow Six Siege

The subscription-based esports data company operating a business model called Daas (data as a service), Abios, revealed Thursday it expanded its live data coverage. The company announced it included more data points and live data feeds for the famous game Rainbow Six Siege.

The Company Adds More Data Points and Live Data Feeds

Abios revealed that the new coverage will be facilitated via Computer Vision. The company explained that this way, it will be able to deliver live data, as well as a variety of data points for customers. The process is fast and according to the company, the data will be delivered “on par with public streams.”

Thanks to the expanded coverage, partners of the company will leverage additional data for the popular title. This is achieved thanks to Abios’ machine learning algorithms that probe the matches and determine what happens in each game. In the end, unique data points at high speeds are delivered to customers. Those data points can include “everything from defuser plants to player operators,” Abios explained.

“We’re happy to be able to expand our data offering for Rainbow 6. given a more granular data feed we are now able to support a variety of important projects and use cases.“

Rasmus Johns, computer vision team lead at Abios

Rasmus Johns, Abios’ computer vision team lead, said that the company is delighted to expand its offering for Rainbow 6 while the popularity of the title continues. He added that the new data expand the company’s offering and delivers additional data points for operators. “Whether a customer plans to implement up-to-date live scores or support a fantasy league, our data feeds are there to support,” said Johns in conclusion.

In addition to Rainbow 6, currently, Abios offers data for some of the most popular esports titles including Dota 2, CS:GO, VALORANT, and League of Legends. Moreover, the compa top646 ny provides odds, widgets, and data for those titles, further reaffirming its position as a leading esports data and technology company.

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Rainbow Six Continues to Attract Thousands of Viewers

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a title developed by Ubisoft which debuted back in 2015. The tactical shooter became a fan-favorite game and has a player base of thousands around the globe.

Despite getting close to a decade since its release, Rainbow 6 continues to enjoy strong viewership numbers. In fact, earlier this year the Six Jönköping Major hit 121,836 viewership at its peak, while Six Berlin Major enjoyed a peak viewership of 179,061, data released via EsportsCharts reveals.